Photos: Shane Walters

Location: Las Vegas, NV

In 2009, the SKUSA Supernationals event was held in Las Vegas, NV, the biggest karting event in the United States. The parking lot of the Rio Hotel and Casino saw karts hitting speeds well over 100mph. Fans were packed all the way around the blazing fast circuit and just feet from the action. The appearance of former Ferrari driver Michael Schumacher drew a worldwide crowd of an unexpected size, estimated at 20,000 spectators.

I was there competing in the TaG class that year. When I wasn’t behind the wheel of my Intrepid Chassis or under our Champion Racing pit tent I was on the outskirts of the racing surface taking pictures of some of the most well respected racing drivers in the world as they were competing in the purest form of motorsports, karting.

At the time of this event, Michael Schumacher had just announced a return to F1 with Mercedes AMG. However, before he made that return he competed in several karting events around the world including this SKUSA Supernationals race. Other drivers worthy of note that were in attendance included Nelson Piquet Jr, Sebastien Buemi, Norman Nato, Ron White among many others that have slipped my memory. These photos were snapped by myself in 2009 and I have re-edited for your viewing pleasure here in 2013.

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Photo: Evan Walters running the SuperKarts USA! SuperNats Event back in 2009.

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Photo: Pink Laser


All this week I have been posting a new photo on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, StumbleUpon and other social media pages to help myself quit smoking. I plan to continue this photo a day posting process for about two more weeks. 

The story behind this posting process… By the time I reach the last photo I want to post, 3 weeks will have gone by without smoking a single cigarette. They say once you reach that mark it becomes much easier to complete my goal of a smoke free life. I’m hoping to reach that mark and I’m using social media to help even if only a little bit.

It sounds ridiculous but as a 5 year smoker I’ve tried everything to quit the habit. It dangers not only my own health but the health of people around me that I love, it’s time to quit. I figured I would try a new way. A way of physically seeing how many days I have left (via photos in a folder) until I’m in the clear.

Even as I write this I have the shaky hand sindrome just because I have written the words smoking or cigarette too many times and now my brain is pinging the word ‘CIGARETTE’ over and over in my head but it’s all good because 3 weeks is near.

If at any time the daily photos stop before I reach the 3 week mark that means I have return to my bad habits.

Wish me luck!

Visit this link to view all karting photos from Las Vegas, NV SKUSA Supernations event.

Visit this link to view all karting photos from Las Vegas, NV SKUSA Supernations event.

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